Friday, May 9, 2014

Reading A Single Small Cut

A Single Small Cut by Michael Curtis is a short but effective encounter that is perfect for when the party inevitably needs to get to a church for healing or curse removal. It's a very simple and straight forward adventure based around a sinister magical item and the eldritch horror it summons. Because most of the adventure revolves around the artifact and the monster, there is almost no prep needed to run A Single Small Cut, making it a good choice for impromptu games or GMs with busy schedules.

One thing to note is that unlike many Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventures, this is not designed for level 1 characters or "characters of any level." A Single Small Cut is for characters of at least third level and for good reason. Sending characters of any lower levels into this church would basically just be sending them to their doom. And while doom should always be a possibility in these kinds of adventures, certain doom can take a lot of fun out of things.

Much like Death Frost Doom, the adventure ends by tossing out several adventure hooks, making it especially effective for jump-starting a lagging campaign.

A Single Small Cut on RPGNow.

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