Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My New Campaign Map

Using the technique outlined here, I have created a decent hex map for use in my upcoming DCC campaign. I'm mildly annoyed that the hex numbers don't line up perfectly to the shapes, but I can get over it. The numbers now refer to approximate location while the hexes themselves can be used to calculate travel time.

I am slowly filling in the location descriptions as I get to them. Maybe some day, years from now, I'll actually have something for every number. Right now the only detailed location is Hogsfoot, which is just the village from Sailors on the Starless Sea. I know what's in a few other areas because this will be my second campaign on the island, but it's largely a mystery at this point.

(Well, it's pretty obvious what is at Vornheim and Pembrooktonshire.)

Vorn is Iceland flipped 90 degrees. Although that coincides with the illustration Zak used in this very helpful post on making a big hexmap, Iceland was the original geographical inspiration and flipping the island actually looks a lot like my first hand-drawn map of Vorn.

The map scale is 10 miles per hex and the roads are all for shit.

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