Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trail of Cthulhu Bundle Now Available

Just when I told myself I would stop spending money on so many RPGs that I have no time to play, Bundle of Holding does it again by releasing a Trail of Cthulhu bundle, including Bookhounds of London. I've been interested in Bookhounds ever since I heard of it due to my history as a rare book seller. Now that I've seen and enjoyed The Ninth Gate, I am especially interested in running a game about unscrupulous book dealers messing around with occult nightmares.

Bookhounds aside, I've been very interested in Trail of Cthulhu and the other GUMSHOE systems for some time now. I've never run an investigative game before, but my wife has been asking for something with less goblins and more murder mysteries. While I'd probably stick to Unknown Armies for supernatural-themed games, it might be possible to strip Trail of Cthulhu down to a mundane detective game.

Also, these are Kenneth Hite books. No one RPG collection can be harmed by the inclusion of more Kenneth Hite books.

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