Friday, April 10, 2015

On Tieflings and Their Horns

In majesty he is like a firstborn bull; his horns are the horns of a wild ox. With them he will gore the nations, even those at the ends of the earth. Deuteronomy 33:17

It is no mystery that at the tiefling race is born from the unholy union of man and demon, although the specific nature of that union may never be uncovered by mortal scholars. Just as the race of man manifests itself in a multitude of skin tones, so does the tiefling race find diversity in the many shapes and characteristic of their horns. Just as legions of different demons bring pestilence to the earth, so are there differences in the physical features of this infernal race. 

Parentage has no bearing on the type of horns that a tiefling will grow. If anything influences the growth of these horns, it is the stars or the flippant will of dark gods. 

Each type of horn imbues a different set of abilities upon the tiefling in the form of its Infernal Legacy spells. The spells on the following tables replace those that appear in the Players Handbook.

Horn Manifestation
Infernal Legacy Spells
Short and blunt, like that of a young goat.
First level: Thaumaturgy cantrip. third level: Hellish Rebuke; fifth level: Darkness
Large, long and sharp, like that of a great steer.
First level: Prestidigitation cantrip. third level: Protection from Evil and Good; fifth level: Hold Person
Thick and curving backwards, like that of a ram.
First level: Guidance cantrip. third level: Longstrider; fifth level: Beast Sense
Tall, many-pronged antlers, like that of an elk.
First level: Druidcraft cantrip. third level: Speak with Animals; fifth level: Pass without Trace
Long and tall, spiraling widely like that of an antelope.
First level: Dancing Lights cantrip. third level: Color Spray; fifth level: Mirror Image
Smooth, stout and sharp, like that of a bull.
First level: Blade Ward cantrip. third level: Armor of Agathys; fifth level: Hold Person
Long and tightly ridged, like that of a gazelle.
First level: True Strike cantrip. third level: Expeditious Retreat; Fifth level: Blur
Thick at the skull, swooping downwards and up again, like that of the musk ox.
First level: Thaumaturgy cantrip. third level: Sanctuary; fifth level: Zone of Truth
Large, pointing forward with deadly sharp points, like that of the auroch.
First level: Spare the Dying cantrip. third level: Command; fifth level: Silence
Spiraling wildly and at uneven lengths, like that of the chimera and the monstrous.
First level: Eldritch Blast cantrip. third level: Hex; fifth level: Crown of Madness
Long and rough, curling in on themselves many times over, like that of the Sun Goat.
First level: Thaumaturgy cantrip. third level: Cure Wounds; fifth level: Spiritual Weapon
Made of gnarly ironwood, like the branches of a cursed tree.
First level: Mage Hand cantrip. third level: Unseen Servant; fifth level: Spider Climb

An avatar of the Sun Goat.