Friday, October 25, 2013

The DIY D&D Index

I'm making a big list of cool DIY D&D resources found on the internet. I'm keeping it here. There'll always be a link to it on the top of this blog's sidebar.

It is not a definitive list and it will be added to as I come across the resources or whenever I feel like reading someone's entire blog while doing a lot of copying and pasting.

The basic criteria for inclusion is that the resource has to be usable in a game of D&D, available for free, and produced by someone who is not a professional game designer who makes a living off selling games. My definition of D&D is pretty loose, but it basically includes any game that closely resembles something published under the name of D&D until the fourth edition.

Let me know if I'm missing something obvious and awesome or if it's clear I am not following someone who produces quality D&D material.

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