Thursday, October 31, 2013

My NaGaDeMon Proposal: Occultpunk

The following is the basic outline of my National Game Design Month project. It's the skeleton of what I hope to accomplish in 30 days and is pretty much my entire planning process.

Working Name: Occultpunk

Genre: Dark Fantasy, both modern and medieval.

Randomizer: Tarot deck.

Core Mechanic: Player selected tarot card + skill + attribute must meet or exceed GM selected tarot card + difficulty level.

The Elevator Pitch: Occultpunk is an RPG that is firmly rooted in real world occultism. Everything about a character can be traced back to some sort of idea in actual magical traditions. For example, the characters have five attributes based on the five traditional elements. There is a more adversarial relationship between the players and the GM, as each is able to choose a tarot card from a hidden hand when resolving actions. Therefor, insuring success or failure requires strategy. The system is extremely loose in order to facilitate expansion and new settings.

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