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The following resources are all created and shared by various mad geniuses on the internet. They are intended specifically for games of Dungeons and Dragons or some permutation of D&D. If I am missing something awesome, just let me know and it will be added.

If a resource is best suited for a specific version of D&D, it will be specified. If no edition is given, the resource is either neutral or easily converted into more than one edition.A key to the various editions is at the bottom of the page.


Snow Elf (5e subrace)


Annelidist (AD&D)
Babysitter (Basic)
Druid (DCC)
Ghoul (AD&D)
Godzilla-Man (AD&D)
Kirby Warpstar Knight (AD&D)
Murder Machine (DCC)
Muscle Wizard (AD&D)
Muscle Wizard (DCC)
Ninja (AD&D)
Orangutan (AD&D)
Rune Knight (Basic)
Summoner (of the Magic: The Gathering variety) (5e)

5e Backgrounds



King Relan II's Manual of Gastromancy (Spell book)
More Magic Items of the World Between
The Red Book of Nelandra Kir
Seelank's Secret Songbook: (Spell book)
Stone Tablet of the Ogre-Shaman (Spell book)
Text of the Golden Succubus (Spell book)


Ghost in the Machine
Hand Maiden
Hopping Vampire
Hungry Shroud (Undead of Scarabae)
La Llorona
Masked Murderer
Mechpriestess of the Carrion Marquis
Memento Mori
Monsters of Creepshow 2 (Including the Animated Cigar Store Indian, Vengeful Undead Pedestrian and Vitriolic Scum)
Mucus Gob(lin)
Shadow People
Spectral Sparks
Stirge (Ecology)
Verminous Skull
Wild Women of the Grape Gods

Random Tables

Corruption from Demonic Possession (d30)
Deity Generator (d20)
Dwarf Clan Generator (various)
Encounters (Carcosa) (d16)
Encounters (More Carcosa) (d16)
Encounters (Swamp) (d100)
Encounters (Very Weird) (d100)
Exotic Goods and Their Potential for Mayhem (d30)
Fey Lords, Their Offerings and Boons (d8)
Flesh Golem Augmentations (d10)
Forestcrawling Kit (various)
Gothic Room Dressing (d100)
Haunting Type (d8)
Hold Person & Paralysis Experience Effects (d20)
Igor: What's the Deal with His Hump? (d10)
Legendary Monster Generator (d20)
Lycanthrope Special Powers (d12)
Making Camp (d20)
Mummy Lord Powers (d12)
Nightfall Monster Bonuses (d12)
NPC, Vague Details Generator (various)
Petty Prince Generator (d12)
Plot Elements (d100)
Psychic Powers (various)
The Red Room (d6)
Ritual Requirements (d100)
Search In the Body (d12)
Side-Effects of Being Resurrected (d200)
Summon Familiar (d12)
Taverns and Inns in the Wilderness (various)
Troll Traits (d12)
What Happened While You Were Away? (d100)
Wild Psionic Talents (3d6)
Wizard's Tower Generator (various)
Vampire Abilities (d20)
You Inherited an Estate, but There's a Problem... (d12)


Hubris: A weird, grim setting for Dungeon Crawl Classics


The LotFP Summon Spell in DCC Format

Adventures, Dungeons and Hexcrawls

The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar (Hexcrawl)
The Hexenbracken (Hexcrawl)
The Kraal (Hexcrawl)

Optional Rules

Alternate Divine Magic Rules
Attack on Titan Quickie Hack
Cannibalism: What Happens When You Eat The Flesh of Another Demihuman
Combat Skills
Dangerous Sorcery Rules for Labyrinth Lord - B/X
Martial Arts Skills
Psionics Handbook
Psionics for OD&D

D&D Version Key

3.X: The third edition of D&D, which is compatible with Pathfinder and the d20 systems.
AD&D: Refers to the first and second editions of the game that came with the word "Advanced" in the title. This version is available as the retro-clone OSRIC.
Basic: Refers to the version of the game commonly called Basic/Expert D&D. This version is also available as the retro-clones Labyrinth Lord and Blueholme.
C&C: Castles & Crusades, a stripped down 3.X with the intention of being closer to AD&D.
DCC: Dungeon Crawl Classics, which is very closely related to 3.X but feels like a gonzo version of Basic.
OD&D: Stands for Original Dungeons and Dragons and refers to the first version of the game. The retro-clone Swords & Wizardry closely emulates this version.

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