Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Order of Locusts

The following is a "monster" I wrote up for a contest James Raggi was having about a year ago. It wouldn't have seen the light of day, but today is Awesome Gamer Day and I want to share some stuff I've made.

Many believe the Order of the Locust to be boogymen dreamt up by academics who have lost their grip on reality after years of combing through volumes upon volumes of apocalyptic prophecy. It is said that the Order of the Locust is a mysterious cult that seeks out any works or artifacts pertaining to the end of the world. In order to collect works of prophecy and revelation, the Order of the Locust will use any means necessary, including murder.

Those who have recorded their encounters with this cult have corroborated the following facts. Only one member of the cult ever appears at one time, whether they are assassinating the holder of an eschatological work or attempting to steal it quietly. The cultists come from all walks of life, from simple farmers to skilled soldiers to members of the clergy. The one common trait between cultists is the three fresh puncture wounds on the back of the neck.

The name of the Order was coined three centuries ago by a prominent eschatologist. Although he could not ascertain the motivation of the Order, the apocalyptic nature of the cult was clear, thus it was named after an insect that plays a prominent role in many end world prophecies.

The Order of the Locust has taken interest in apocalyptic works from various cultures and religions, although it does not appear to have much interest in the popular narrative of the Book of Revelations or the works of the Gnostic Christians. It also appears that the Order takes some interest in works of occult science that pose a threat to the world itself.

The Truth of the Order

There is no such thing as the Order of Locusts. The people who appear to do its work are not part of a shadow society, but rather are under the possession of a single demonic entity.

This entity is compelled to collect and physically consume eschatological works and artifacts. Books are read and then torn to shreds before being eaten by the host. Statues and stone tablets are crushed and ground into dust so that they may be poured down the gullet of the possessed. Metal statues are to be melted down for easier consumption. Individuals who have expert knowledge in apocalyptic studies will find they brains to be a suitable meal for the demon.

The demonic entity has no identity of its own and does not seek out apocalyptic works for any precise reason. When asked for a reason, the entity will reply that it collects prophecies “to prepare.” It cannot go into more detail as there is no other motivation. While the entity has little concept of itself, it has an excellent memory and will engage in conversation with any individual that it encounters more than once.

Although the entity has no sense of identity, exorcisms will be more powerful if the cleric names the demon “Murmur.” Also, killing a host using silver or blessed weapons will leave the entity too weak to possess another host for 2d6 weeks.

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