Monday, August 5, 2013

No one is ruining the RPG hobby.

"I can't play the game I want to play because of someone on the internet."
                                   -No One Ever

A hobby is not a religion or a political movement. It is not harmed by the opinions on topics not related to the actual hobby. The only opinion that matters is your own. This means that your opinion isn't shit to other people unless they really want it to be.

Don't be a baby about people who think differently than you. They aren't villains. They aren't 'part of the problem.' There is no 'problem.'

Take some god damn responsibility for yourself. Stop thinking that stranger from the internet is going to take away the things you like in games or force in things you don't like. That will never happen. That's not how RPGs work.

I could spend all my time writing on this blog about things I don't like in games, bit that would be a waste of time. Those things don't effect me. I'll stick to writing about things I like. Those are the only things that matter.

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