Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Misery Index Kickstarter Has Lost Momentum

With the initial controversy tapping off, the much maligned Kickstarter campaign for the Misery Index collection of games has lost considerable steam.

The Misery Index: Terrible Games about Terrible Realities -- Kicktraq Mini

According to the normally optimistic Kicktraq, the campaign is not projected to hit its goal in the next 11 days. Looking at the day-to-day data is especially interesting as there are actually days in which the campaign lost backers and one day that found $35 being removed from the pot.

If I were to speculate, it may have been this interview that resulted in the net loss of one backer and $35 on August 10. When the details of the actual games, especially The Oldest Cruelest Sword are presented in full view, its understandable that some people would have second thoughts.

After having read some of the drafts of the rule sets, I am honestly not shocked that this campaign is slowing way down and would be much more surprised if Misery Tourism actually succeeds in funding this project. The controversy surrounding these games is the only thing interesting about them.

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