Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Random 5e Character Generator (and a God Maker)

Since it doesn't look like Dungeonscape will be released any time soon, I've gone ahead and created a random 5e character generator at Last Gasp. This makes the sort of random characters I would use in my home game.


This generator doesn't do any math, but it does give you base ability scores using the probability results of 4d6, dropping the lowest die. This way the 5e character is properly strong.

The race results are weighted with the following probabilities:
Human 45%
Dwarf 10%
Elf 10%
Halfling 10%
Gnome 10%
Half-Elf 5%
Half-Orc 3%
Dragonborn 3%
Tiefling 3%
Drow 1%

While I don't place any limitations on my players when it comes to races, I'd like my pregens to skew towards the classic races and even moreso to humans as the dominant race. The generator actually spits out subraces, which are evenly distributed among the races.

The backgrounds include those posted on Hack & Slash.

The classes are just those in the 5e PHB with no special weighting. Boring.

I realized that I forgot to include alignment, but it must not have actually been that important to me if I didn't think to include it. With the advent of Bonds, Ideals, etc, alignment is largely unnecessary in 5e.

I also translated my random deity generator, but I'm less happy with the results. The generator creates unique names based on three sets of 20 syllables, but the generator forces a space between the parts of the name. For example, "Ra tul dul, the King of the Unknown," should be Ratuldul, King of the Unknown."

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