Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Games I Would Run Right Now

The following are games that I would run right now, if only I had the time.

  1. Planet Motherfucker - Run in Savage Worlds. A band of misfits hit the road to track down the Mad Daddy, a warlord whom they hate very, very much.
  2. Savage Doctor Who - A conversion of the Cubicle 7 Doctor Who game into Savage Worlds. The Doctor is missing and the TARDIS collects individuals who can help find him before the universe is destroyed. 
  3. Lamentations of the Flame Princess - By the book LotFP. A campaign through the various adventures from this publisher.
  4. Sword and Backpack - A lighthearted hack of D&D, intended for silly high fantasy and drinking.
  5. DC Heroes - Set in the continuity of the early 1990s, the Justice League take on a shadowy villain who knows all their secrets and isn't afraid to share. 

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